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Extraordinary little creatures who live deep in the old growth forests journey to a special gathering. A world of tiny critters once invisible, unite to be seen and heard. The Ones join forces to help Humans save our world from our environmental crisis. 


A heart-warming and hopeful story for all ages. 


Our environmental situation is often a challenging subject to speak with kids about and the issues are complex and can seem daunting, without hope or a positive outlook. I believe that it is often through great challenges that new and creative solutions are born, our situation is full of potential. It is my hope that for children and adults, The Ones inspire a love of nature and the genius in nature’s design. This photographic book is also a way to bring the nature of the forests into homes and cities to families that may not be able to access it readily. Along with inspired creativity and a love of nature there is also a theme of respect for our elders, for community and unity. 


The unique Cumberland Community Forest that surrounds the village I live in is the backdrop for this storybook. The Cumberland Community Forest Society, of which I am a part of, is a unique environmental legacy project where the community is dedicated to raising funds to purchase the land and forests surrounding the village and return them to the commons, protecting the forests for generations to come. You can learn more at


In The Gathering of The Ones, a world of tiny critters once invisible become united to be seen and heard. The Ones join forces to help Humans save our world from our environmental crisis. This is a heart-warming story for all ages. It is hopeful and imaginative; clear, simple, grounded and practical. Parents and very young children alike will delight in the photographs of The Ones and enjoy the uplifting and heart-centered story. 


It’s difficult to put an age recommendation on this book because I believe it’s truly a book for all ages. Suitable to be read to preschool, kindergarten and grades one through six with educational connections in mathematics, science, and art, in particular geometry and the Fibonacci sequence found in nature.  I believe it will also appeal to the environmentally conscious young teen who is increasingly becoming aware of the environmental crisis we are facing and this story lends hope, connection and positive solutions.


This book draws on my ten years experience as a school teacher, and there are many school curriculum connections in mathematics, art, science, character education and language arts. Teachers can use this book to introduce concepts in a variety of subjects as it makes connections to a variety of grade level and curriculum objectives. I spent ten years as a school teacher, and have a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Education. I have also spent twenty-five years as a Hair Stylist and have my own salon, Carbon Hair Company, in the village of Cumberland, British Columbia. Passionate about the natural world, forests, water, soil, air, I believe permaculture and regenerative agriculture are hopeful solutions to our environmental issues.

I am passionate about bees, sacred geometry, music in 432Hz, singing, gardening, yoga, wandering in the forest and painting. My art includes hair artistry, painting, photography, drawing, screen-print design on clothing and sculpting. This is my debut children’s book. I created and made The Ones with found fallen natural materials from forests across Canada, from Nova Scotia acorns to British Columbia pine cones.This is key to my collecting of materials, I only use fallen natural objects already dead and do not pick living plants.  I am an artist and lover of life, living with a hopeful heart.


10% of the profits from sales of all The Gathering of The Ones merchandise goes to supporting the protection of the old growth forests on Vancouver Island. 



Books can also be purchased at Carbon Hair Company and Little Village Store 3273-3rd Street in Cumberland.

The Gathering of The Ones Book

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  • A modern tale written and created by Cindy Foley 2021

    Photos by Cindy Foley and Laura McGlone

    For additional information about the book, contact us at

  • Books can also be purchased at Little Village Store and Carbon Hair Company in Cumberland, BC.