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The Ones at Fairy Creek

In the story The Gathering Of The Ones, the home of The Ones is the old growth forests. Naturally, with the threat of losing the last 2.7% of the remaining old growth forests on Vancouver Island due to logging, The Ones joined in to help save their home.


The Ones travelled to Ada’itsx/Fairy Creek Blockade three times over the 2021 season to help support the movement. This non-violent, peaceful action of protecting the ancient trees and ecosystems was one of the most heart-expanding, beautiful experiences of people working together that I have experienced. So, I decided that 10% of profits from The Gathering Of The Ones books goes directly to this movement. To learn more see the link on the homepage of my website. 


The Ada’itsx/Fairy Creek Blockade is protecting ancient forests on Pacheedaht and Ditidaht territory and ALL old growth forests in so-called British Columbia. The protection of these ancient forests is dedicated to the future generations and First Nations traditional leadership and stewardship of the land. It is a volunteer driven, grassroots, non-violent direct action movement committed to protecting the last stands of ancient temperate rainforest on Vancouver Island. 


This movement is not anti-logging.


This movement is specifically trying to prevent old-growth logging. The forestry industry has a huge role in the economy, however it could be transformed so that it no longer requires the cutting of old growth. There are many other alternatives of logging sustainably while protecting the remaining ancient old growth forests.


Many people gathered from all nations are coming to help support this movement.


We’re here at the invitation of Pacheedaht Elder Bill Jones, whose unifying leadership, traditional knowledge, life experience and courage are at the heart of this movement. Incredible work has been done by Indigenous youth, women and Matriarchs of the land. I am honoured to witness this, help out and learn and have permission to donate funds to this movement. 

Humanity is facing a climate crisis and we must work together towards a solution. 


“Old-growth rainforests consist of 1,300 tonnes of carbon per hectare, compared with 1,100 tonnes in tropical rainforests, and 70 percent of that carbon is lost into the atmosphere when the forest is clear cut. Deforestation accounts for 20 percent of our carbon emissions” (Dr. Suzanne Simard, tree-scientist and best selling author).

The Gathering of the Ones Shop

10% of the profits from sales of all The Gathering of The Ones merchandise goes to supporting the protection of the old growth forests on Vancouver Island. 

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